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Ear reflex zone control according to Radloff


Contrary to common belief, ear acupuncture is not a treatment method that comes from China. Actually, this method of treatment comes from the Arabian area and is still practiced in Morocco, Iran and Iraq in the form of popular medicine. Its western discoverer is the French physician Dr. Paul Nogier, the founder of the Auricolotherapy. His knowledge reached China in the sixties and became incorporated there -in a very simplified form - into the Chinese acupuncture. For this new treatment method layman helpers, the so-called "barefoot doctors", were trained, and it is their approach that reached the western world where, mistakenly, it was considered an "original Chinese product."


The Auriculotherapy concept considers the auricle, due to its form, as an embryo, and the connections between the ear and the body were derived from this.


The earlobe corresponds to the head; the outer rim of the ear corresponds to the back, and the inner part of the auricle to the internal organs. Obviously, these are only approximate indications. However, the exact "map of the ear" shows many details:


All the articulations of the body, sections of the spinal column, the different areas of the head and the inner organs, which suffer characteristic changes in the case of illness or disorders, can be found there.


The treatment of the spinal column with the help of ear examinations according to Radloff


The treatment of the spinal column with the help of ear examinations according to Radloff
Every movement of the vertebra causes a change in the auricle which can no longer be found after the right treatment. This assures an effectiveness in the treatment of the spinal column, which was unknown in the past and considered impossible to achieve.

From these changes conclusions can be derived regarding the cause of the pain and other complaints, as well as the energetic condition of these structures. Immediately after an optimal treatment, these changes are no longer present, thus allowing an excellent feedback regarding the results of the treatment.


Conditions are similar for the inner organs. Here, too, changes can be observed in the case of irritations or inflammations which, when treated according to the rules and laws of acupuncture, prove their successful treatment with the spontaneous reduction of these changes.
The inner auricle (Concha)

Most people are in a hurry to get better, 
so they can get back to whatever made them
sick in the first place. 
(John Whitman Ray)
             Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place.            
 The Body and it's pain response is far more complex