Ralph Gasser

EST/APM Therapist
EST/APM accomplishes what physiotherapy and massages promise - Klaus Radloff

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APM is a revolutionary technique that has quickly become accepted in Europe. No needles are used, but the basics of traditional Chinese medicine are followed.

I was born in Austria, a small but beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

I am an ERZ/EST/APM Therapist, trained by Klaus Radloff.

I moved to Sarnia/Ontario in 2003.And I'm happy to offer you this unique technique.

Please feel free to explore my webpage to find out what APM can do for you, your health and your well being.  New information will be added as quick as possible.

And if there are still some questions left, don't hesitate to contact me. All details can be found on my Contacts-Page.  

I would be delighted to be at your service!

Yours sincerely 


Most people are in a hurry to get better,so they can get back to whatever made them sick in the first place. (John Whitman Ray)
Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place. Unless you have beaten yourself with a hammer on this part.