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Health through Alignment

EST/APM accomplishes 
what physiotherapy and 
massages promise - 

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Orthopedic rheumatic illnesses


Lumbago and ischialgia

slipped disc; herniated (intervertebral) disc; disc prolapse

intervertebral disc protrusion lumbago 

Bechterew's disease ankylosing spondylitis sciatica

Scheuermann's disease (juvenile kyphosis)

Whiplash whiplash

Arthroses (knee and hip joints) Arthroses
Shoulder joint complaints 
Tennis and golfer's elbow
, (Epicondylitis lateralis and medialis)
"Ski thumb" and other complaints resulting from injuries ski
are considered as disorders of the flow of energy and can be brought in harmony and normalized by the corresponding energy shifts. In most cases, the effect of the treatment is immediately noticeable, and miss judgements regarding the treatment procedure can almost always be avoided.

Since the treatment methods always have to be adapted to the individual case, it is often possible to positively influence rheumatic, stiff joints, arthroses and movement limitations caused by an accident, during the very first session, even if these disorders and pain have existed for a while

Further indications
Furthermore, problems affecting blood circulation, and some forms of circulatory problems affecting arteries and veins are also considered a good indication. Good treatment results have also been achieved in the case of

Headaches, migraines

Nerve pains, phantom complaints, (neuritis and neuralgia)

Allergic incompatibilities and hay fever 

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

to name just a few.

Since it is impossible to predict whether the treatment will be able to alleviate the disorders and diseases, we recommend comparing the results obtained after the first trial treatments with the original condition, and then decide on whether to continue the treatment.

EST in Obstetrics obstetrics
Midwives trained in EST and obstetricians value the method as a natural support during pregnancy. They report that many pregnancy complaints can be alleviated with the help of EST and that the whole pregnancy and birth process also derive optimum benefits from this method.

The Limits of EST (contraindications)
The simultaneous treatment of the static elements (spinal column) is an important component of the treatment. However, in the case of very old and stiff persons or in the presence a strong osteoporosis it is often not advisable to change the position of the spine to which they have become accustomed.

Furthermore no benefits can be expected after destruction of physical structures. On the other hand, a destruction and consequent impossibility to influence the affected area, cannot always be inferred from the clinical diagnosis. As an example, in the case of arthroses (the consequences of wear and tear) the complaints can often be alleviated, even though the X-rays do not show any changes.

In these cases, too, the first couple of treatments will show the possibilities. As a rule, the improvements reached can be stabilized by repeated treatments.

ESB/APM should not be used in the case of serious depressions or psychoses, if the patient is taking psychopharmacological drugs (strong-acting medicine). On the other hand, slight depressions do not represent any contraindication.

Acute cancer illnesses are absolute contraindications because there is the danger that the disease might be aggravated. Furthermore, treatment of the spinal column and the joints is not allowed in case the cancer has already metastasised.

Most people are in a hurry to get better, 
so they can get back to whatever made them
sick in the first place. 
(John Whitman Ray)
             Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place.            
 The Body and it's pain response is far more complex