Ralph Gasser

APM/ EST Therapist

Health through Alignment

EST/APM accomplishes 
what physiotherapy and 
massages promise - 

Klaus Radloff


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In addition to his incredible understanding of, and skill in
working with, the physical body, Ralph has a depth of perception that makes his work even more powerful.  Within two sessions I was relieved of a chronic pain and misalignment in my shoulder that made work challenging.. And the shifts continue with each session.."

                       Kathleen MacKay
                 Healer, Meditation Teacher     

Testimonial for Ralph Gasser,
I went to see Ralph Gasser because of pain in my back,
feet and hands due to previous sports injuries and the work
that I do as a massage practitioner. I did not tell Ralph where
my pain was and he was able to determine where all of my past
injuries were by testing acupuncture points in my ear. He then
released energy blocks in the meridians related to these problems
with an acupuncture rod. He also worked acupuncture points and
shifted energy so that the yin and yang energy were balanced in
my body. When Ralph rechecked my ear, to my surprise, these
points were no longer tender to touch.
He also stretched each of my joints and increased their range
of motion, giving me a great deal of pain relief. He was very
generous with his time and very thorough with his treatment.
I send Ralph many of my clients to help with skeletal and
muscular related joint problems that massage cannot help.
Each of these clients have been pleased with his work and
experienced increased range of motion and pain reduction,
even in difficult cases to treat such as sciatica and arthritis.
Sincerely, Veona Drennan, RMP, B.Sc., RM
Registered Myomassology Practitioner



Benefits of Ralph Gasser's Work from A Holistic Perspective

People on a path of healing body, mind, and spirit can benefit
greatly from Ralph's unique work. This is because the shifting
of energy in the physical body mirrors and activates shift in
the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies.
For example, a person who has suffered prolonged stress or
even emotional trauma will have energy blocks in the physical
body as well as the subtle bodies: mental, emotional, and etheric. 
As Ralph adjusts the physical body's natural energy lines and
aligns the skeleton, the emotional, mental, and etheric bodies
will also release blockages. The result is an amazing feeling of
clarity and wellness on subtle levels that were not known to be blocked.
As one 'lightworker' put it, "I know how it feels to clear my mind
in meditation – but after my first session with Ralph, I felt that my
whole body and energy field were also clear." Another client
felt joy – a new happiness she had never felt before, caused by the
release of life-long sadness held from childhood in the physical
and subtle bodies. Ralphs' method meets you where you are on
your spiritual path and opens up channels that can greatly advance
you or pull you through those dark, difficult passages.  In one to four
sessions you can feel like a new person.
People who are deepening their spiritual connection generally have
trouble being – and staying – grounded. Ralph's work with the
physical body has a deeply grounding effect. Those who have
cold hands and feet will find new warmth and energy in their
hands and feet and a feeling of increased energy in the soles
of the feet in connecting with the Earth. Indeed, there is more
energy in the whole body. When spiritual healing brings up physical
pain or discomfort, Ralph's work can move the energies to relieve
and release the pain. One client who had suffered severe upper
back pain for 20 years was able to stop taking painkillers and to
feel almost pain-free. 
It is Ralph's unique combination of both muscular and skeletal treatments
that creates such dramatic results. 
Dia Rigden, Ph.D.
Singer of Divine Sound Vibration



The Doctor in the future will give no medicine but will interest his                                                                                              patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and                                                                                        prevention of disease.

                                                                                  Thomas A. Edison

Most people are in a hurry to get better, 
so they can get back to whatever made them
sick in the first place. 
(John Whitman Ray)
             Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place.            
 The Body and it's pain response is far more complex