Ralph Gasser

APM/ EST Therapist

Health through Alignment

EST/APM accomplishes 
what physiotherapy and 
massages promise - 

Klaus Radloff


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APM is a new technique that has quickly become accepted in Europe.
No needles are used, but the basics of traditional Chinese medicine are followed.

  The treatment is carried out with the
  use of a special massage rod, which
  adjusts the bodys natural energy  
  The rod is used to massage and 
  trace  energy pathways in the body,
  opening up blocks and dissolving
  walls. The treatment also includes
  skeletal alignment, which makes it
  Gentle movements of the joints are  
  combined with muscle stretching.


APM has shown great results in competitive sports, where natural energy may be directed
to the area of the athlete's body
most critical to performance




But APM is also most effective for all   clients, providing quick and reliable techniques for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of common ailments and chronic pain. There are many dysfunctions that are treatable by APM,
including Migraine, Neuralgia, as well as muscular and skeletal problems.


The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Most people are in a hurry to get better, 
so they can get back to whatever made them
sick in the first place. 
(John Whitman Ray)
             Do not think that pain and its cause can be found at the same place.            
 The Body and it's pain response is far more complex